3 Little Monkey's

My sweet friend Sherel who I work with at the Salon asked me to take pictures of her 3 little guys!!!
They were great, considering it was freaking freezing outside!!!

Fowles Family

I know I know. I say this all the time. But when you work with amazing people like this you can't help but love what you do.  You see this family I truly adore!!  Not to mention that I think I have a 6 year old boyfriend and a new best friend who happens to be the same age as my daughter it makes my job easy. Especially when they laugh at everything I do, it makes me feel funny!!!  I love you Fowles Family, and I love your new home.  (or at least where it's going to be). 

My little bro

I love my family!!! I love that they trust me to do their family pictures. 
Even if I just met this family and pretended we weren't family, I would love them anyways
and beg them to take me home with them. 
I love you guys!!!

Sorensen Family!

I've said it before and I will say it again. I love what I do.
Mostly I love this family.
You see some people are lucky enough to have cousins and aunts and uncles they are "close" with.
I am lucky enough to have my cousins be like my brothers and little sis! And a second mom and dad. 
I love them so much.  Not to mention they are amazingly talented, funny as all get out, and smoking hot!!
Oh and the make cute babies!!!!

Haylie's Babies!!!

I adore this mama!!
She is one of my bestie's. 
She has her hands full (with a 2 year old girl and her new twin babies), she's talented, she's uplifting, and she's sarcastically funny. 
I love her! 

Here are just a few pumpkin haha!!!

Shayla & Greg Wedding

Prepare yourself for picture overload!! I couldn't help myself.
This was so much fun Shayla and Greg to be a part of your very special day!!!